Unlike her late brother, Janet Jackson's life hasn't been as scrutinized. Throughout her career, she's maintained an aura of mystery, successfully keeping much of her private life private -- a feat in today's Internet age when too much info is divulged instantaneously online. We look at some of the rumors that have followed Janet (who releases a greatest hits CD this week) throughout her career.

Janet Has a Daughter? Rumor has it that Janet's got an 18-year old daughter named Renee whom she supposedly had with her old flame, James DeBarge (remember when they were an item? No? OK, so you're not as old as us.) This one has been going as far back as 2005. People with longer memories than us claim that she rushed her marriage to DeBarge (which was annulled a year later) because she had a bun in the oven; some people remember her seeming pregnant at an awards show around that time. But producer Jimmy 'Jam' Harris says it was impossible; they were recording her breakout album 'Control' at that time, and he says she wasn't pregnant then. So there.