LightsWhen LIGHTS joined forces with Marvel Digital Comics artist Tomm Coker to produce the animated mini-series 'Audio Quest: A Captain LIGHTS Adventure,' the Canadian electro-popper joined The Beatles, Britney Spears, and Red Hot Chili Peppers in the long list of pop stars immortalized as cartoon characters.

For the ten semi-animated shorts airing on MTV and Youtube, LIGHTS swaps her keytar for a blaster and travels the universe searching for a beat in a futuristic world void of music. Along the way, she visits far-flung planets, encounters strange creatures such as the turtle-headed Wha Whas, and battles her music-hating nemesis Lotar and his robotic henchman.

Sure, the whole thing sounds hokey. But for LIGHTS, a skilled graphic artist in her own right, the transformation from pop star to comic book hero was a natural evolution.

"Captain Lights had been drifting around in my head for a while. She's the girl I want to be some day."