From George Michael to Madonna, everyone loves a good sex song. These timeless tracks are not your typical sentimental love tunes -- they're all about getting in the mood. Do you agree with our list of sexy songs? After reading through our picks, let us know which sexy songs should have made the cut.

69. George Michael, 'I Want Your Sex'

In '87, when the man from Wham! dropped this seductive hit (which he then claimed was about monogamy), many thought it was his attempt to woo the pants off of actress Brooke Shields. Once he got caught looking for gay nookie in public bathrooms years later, many realized they'd thought wrong. -- M. Tye Comer
Sexiest Lyric: "Don't you know I love you 'til it hurts me baby/Don't you think it's time you had sex with me?"

68. Nelly Furtado, 'Promiscuous'

Nelly told us that this song title -- and that of her 2006 album 'Loose' -- refers to her "really relaxed and free" approach to making music. Sounds nice, but after hearing the song's deliciously irresponsible lyrics, we can't help but think that she didn't tell us the whole story. -- Kim Davis
Sexiest Lyric: "Promiscuous boy, you already know/That I'm all yours. What you waiting for?"

67. Mazzy Star, 'Fade Into You'

More sensitive than sexy, this sad and sultry 1994 alterna-hit is the soundtrack to candlelit dorm-room grope sessions across the country. It's still the go-to track when theater majors are looking to score. -- Jason Persse
Sexiest Lyric: "I want to hold the hand inside you/I want to take a breath that's true"