A city by any other name certainly isn't as sweet. Just ask Bruce Springsteen. Last week (on Friday the 13th, fittingly enough) The Boss mistakenly name-checked Ohio during an Auburn Hills, Michigan concert. The 60-year-old rocker referred to the Buckeye State several times during the show's first 30 minutes before guitarist Steve Van Zandt whispered the correct locale in his ear.

A sheepish Springsteen said the mistake was "every front man's nightmare." And as it turns out, a common one among rockers and pop stars. Here are a few other confused artists who probably should have taped the city's name to the back of their guitar.

Britney Spears
With a whirlwind touring schedule in support of her latest album "Circus," it's hard to blame the pop tart for shouting out the wrong city's name onstage once. But twice? In April, Britney Spears thanked San Jose instead of its California cousin Sacramento. And oops!... she did it again two months later, though on the other side of the pond, exclaiming "What's up, London?" to fans in Manchester's packed MEN Arena.

Sacramento/San Jose