Britney Spears ToxicWhile we can't wait to get this decade over with, one thing that will be missed is the music. The summer songs. The bangin' club hits. The unexpected cross-overs from one genre to the next. Holdovers from the '90s like Britney and Justin grew up and delivered, and we got to help create new stars like Kelly Clarkson and resurrect old ones like Kylie Minogue. It wasn't all great ('PopoZão,' anyone?), but when it came to the Top 40 set, this here was a great time to love music. Though we know you'll have serious problems with it, here now are our picks for the Top 10 Pop songs of the '00s:

10. 'Crazy,' Gnarls Barkley (2006)
Cee-Lo's haunting vocals seem to drift above the track's eerily minimalist guitar riff, and it never fails to give us chills. Creepy, sure. But it's also bouncy, catchy, and undeniably cool. In short, an amazing pop song. Oh, and the video is crazy as hell. Watch It: