It's clear that clever CGI techs can make anybody do pretty much anything on film. Though that could be seen as a good thing -- the ultimate hot-guy flick starring James Dean, a young Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp perhaps? -- it has also ended up producing some of the most crass advertisements in recent memory. The ethics are murky. It seems okay to reproduce a famous dead person for artistic reasons (John F. Kennedy in 'Forrest Gump') but when you're making a dead celebrity your pitchman (or woman), it starts to reek of hi-tech grave-robbing.

The trend began with 1991's Diet Coke ad featuring Elton John warbling a jingle with Humphrey Bogart, Louis Armstrong and James Cagney. Ever since that highly successful campaign, ad agencies have used cherished, perished idols to push product to the masses. And it's not going away: each year, Forbes magazine releases the Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list and ad agencies compile "Dead Q ratings" of the most popular passed-on stars.

Here's a run-down of the ten dead-celeb ads most likely to cause a zombie-like rise from the tomb. Check out the videos!