Thanksgiving is a time of turkey and stuffing, football and family drama. And at PopEater we like to maximize that drama. So we got to thinking, what if we could bring together our favorite 2009 Hollywood disasters at one dinner table? Who would sit next to who? Whatever would they talk about? PopEater creates the ultimate Thanksgiving seating chart for our boldfaced fantasy Thanksgiving, with some suggested topics of conversation to keep everyone from commenting on how dry mom's turkey is. See whom we're seating next to whom at our virtual feast:

Jon Gosselin and Chris Brown

We doubt Jon is welcome at his own 'Plus 8' Thanksgiving table. We're sure he has been jointly banned by both Kate and the TLC empire. Jon can counsel Chris on how to survive being one of the most despised dudes in the country. Chris can share with Jon how one should not deal with the women in his life if he expects to improve upon that image.