It's everyone's dream: Make massive money, get mass recognition and it all comes with no heavy mass to lift. It's called an easy gig, and there are plenty of them in show business. With Thanksgiving filling the bellies of Americans across the country, let's spotlight a few celebrities who should say a special prayer of Thanksgiving this weekend, for they have been blessed with lucrative tasks that require little beyond showing up and signing their checks.

Name: Vanna White
Job: "Wheel of Fortune" hostess
Key Duties: White has been on "Wheel" since 1982. Her duties have evolved from actually turning the letters to merely touching them (thanks, technology!). She's also appeared in Playboy and authored a best-selling book, "Vanna Speaks!" In short, she's made a career out looking good ... which she does quite well.
Payday: People magazine estimated her salary at $100,000 per year in 1986. Reports suggest that's risen to between $3 million and $5 million per year.