Jonas Sees in Color
Album: 'Jonas Sees in Color'
Song: 'Loose Threads'
Hails From: Greensboro, N.C.
For Fans Of: The Academy Is..., Jimmy Eat World

Why They're About to Pop: Before Jonas Sees in Color were signed in early 2009, they had already made a strong presence throughout the Southeast on their own. The hard-working North Carolina band -- vocalist Ryan Downing, guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Owens, guitarist Jonathan Albright, keyboardist Meagan Beth Plummer, bassist Michael Deming and drummer John Chester -- booked as many shows as possible, and sold 1,000 copies of their self-released EP, 'Avalanche.' Often, they played their pop-rock tunes in small towns, and became the first real band many soon-to-be fans would get to see live.

"We played a show once outside in Mississippi on a concrete slab during a lightning storm," Downing tells PopEater. "Everyone was drenched with rain and covered in mud; we kept having to stop because we were getting electric shocks from our equipment. The thing was, no one cared that they were wet or dirty -- they just wanted to hear some music."

With a growing fan following in tow, Jonas Sees in Color signed a record deal with Glassnote Records, who hooked them up with the Fray producer Aaron Johnson. The band's self-titled debut album was released in September. Find out more about Jonas Sees in Color and listen to their catchy single, 'Loose Threads,' after the jump.