Daniel RadcliffeNaked Harry Potter? That's the rumor about the new installment of the children's wizarding series. David Yates, director of 'Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows,' told the UK Telegraph, "Dan has appeared nude in the past. There are a couple of scenes in the new film in which he will undress, but we're still thinking about how we present it."

If the rumors were true it wouldn't be the first time Potter star Danielle Radcliffe has gone au naturale for a role. The 20-year-old actor previously bared all in a stage version of 'Equus'.

While an au naturel scene may shock some parents it could be a good career move for Radcliffe, especially if he wants to break free of the constraints of Hogwarts. Plenty of accomplished and award-winning celebrities, among them Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman and Patrick Wilson have built formidable careers by removing their clothes when the role demands it.