A botched liposuction and not-so-great breast augmentation have been dogging 'American Pie' star Tara Reid for years. Countless late-night jokes and tabloid scrutiny were commonplace. But several corrective surgeries later, the 34-year-old actress is ready to silence those critics by busting out topless in the January edition of Playboy magazine.

"It just wasn't that good of a surgery, it happens sometimes," Reid told New York's WPIX of the unfortunate surgeries. "It didn't go well, and I got it fixed and now I'm OK and I want people to know I'm OK. I've had it done for the last five or six years, but people only want to show the old pictures. It's so unfair. That's part of the reason why I did Playboy, to show people, 'Right, look at me. This is how I look now.'"