It seems that the girth of those hoping to shed pounds on 'The Biggest Loser' is proportional to how many people tune in, as last week's finale scored the heftiest 'Loser' ratings since 2005. Capitalizing on that ratio, 'Loser' is going even bigger with its next season, when 526 pound Michael Ventrella -- the show's largest contestant ever -- tips the scales for the show's ninth season. Prior to Ventrella's 500+ pound weigh-in, the heaviest contestant was in season eight, when Shay Sorrells began the show at 476 pounds. While 'Loser' has certainly helped save and change the lives of those who participate, does striving to help the morbidly obese become exploitation when the pound tallies keep going up and their "heaviest ever" status is used to promote the show? Or is it simply indicative of an ever-expanding America? After the jump, a slew of media experts weigh in.