As the decade draws to a close, we wonder: what could be more representative of the last ten years than the phenomenon of viral video? In the early days of the '00s, amazing moments caught on tape were sent around as email attachments, but with the advent of YouTube in 2005, alerting your friends to the best videos was as simple as copying and pasting a quick link.

We'll always remember the people who snagged their 15 minutes on the Internet, for better or worse - Chris Crocker, the wedding dance party, Christian the Lion - but it's not just vids of regular Joes and jungle cats lighting the web on fire. Celebs appear in viral videos all the time these days, whether showing their funny sides on purpose (a la 'SNL' digital shorts) or caught enjoying an on-set tirade dangerously close to recording equipment. In honor of the "aughts," let's take a look at the Most Amazing Celeb Moments Caught on Tape after the jump.