Marc Lawrence -- the writer and director of films such as 'Music and Lyrics' and 'Two Weeks Notice' -- is well aware of the juggernaut he's up against this weekend. His new film, 'Did you Hear About the Morgans?' will be meeting head-to-head with something called 'Avatar.' At the mention of 'Avatar,' Lawrence concedes, "This will either be the most brilliant or the worst move in the history of scheduling." Lawrence is betting (or really hoping) that not everyone has an interest in blue 3-D aliens and will seek out his story of a separated New York couple (Huge Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker) who witness a murder and find themselves living in Wyoming as part of the Witness Protection Program. PopEater met Lawrence in Midtown Manhattan to discuss his new film; his experience writing and directing 'Family Ties' -- which has been in the news lately -- and the greatness of the 'Pop Goes My Heart' video from 'Music and Lyrics.'