With the music industry in a tailspin, it's no surprise that some pretty wacky stuff happened in the last 10 years. Some of the incidents were calculated to elicit gasps, others were gaffes that were repeatedly forwarded to the delight of cubicle monkeys around the world. Some were horrifying, some hilarious, some tragic -- and most had little to do with music.

Here were the most flabbergasting music moments of the decade that had us dropping jaws and pressing 'send.'

10. Ashlee Simpson on Saturday Night Live, 2004

It may not have been shocking that a young pop singer with questionable ability and an overbearing stage father would be lip-syncing, but when Ashlee got caught like a deer in headlights as her pre-recorded voice sang out the opening lines of 'Pieces of Me,' it was a classic TV faux pas that would live on in digital infamy. there was the awkward jig, the ensuing wander off-stage and then the final scene as she clutches Jude Law and protests, "My band played the wrong song!" Since then, she's popped out an emo baby (care of Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz) and been kicked off of 'Melrose Place,' but it'll be a long time before Ashlee is known for anything other than this squirm-inducing snafu.