Canadian R&B songstress Kreesha Turner has been turning heads since her first big hit, 'Don't Call Me Baby', blazed a path up the Canadian charts in 2008. Her newest musical endeavour shows she's ready for those heads to do a double-take.

Turner recently collaborated with industrial alt-pop duo Delerium on 'Dust in Gravity,' which is a marked departure from the soulful flavour of her previous work.

"They sought me out and asked if they could have my vocals on one of their songs, and how could I say no?" an enthusiastic Turner tells PopEater. "I've always been a fan...and knowing that they're Canadian makes it all the better."

'Dust in Gravity' is the first single in four years for Vancouver's Delerium, whose best-known single to date, 'Silence,' featured Sarah McLachlan's ethereal vocals against the duo's trademark trance-pop sound.

Turner's voice lends a contemporary, urban feel this time around, and the single may throw longtime fans in both camps for a bit of a loop.