In Hollywood, people are often judged less by the content of their character and more by the content of their wallet. Stars have taken to buying up ever more ostentatious items in order to best display their wealth for all to see. Jay Leno, for instance, owns a fleet of rare and vintage automobiles. What does Orpah Winfrey have? The entire decade.
The fact that Oprah has decided to end her legendary daytime talk show, 'Oprah Winfrey,' in 2012 after years of ratings and cultural dominance just gives more weight to her accomplishments over the past ten years. While not every one of her best moments has been memorable for the right reasons, it's clear that perhaps no star has been as influential and central to mainstream American culture over the past ten years as Oprah Winfrey. PopEater's Scott Harris takes a look back at A Decade of Oprah Moments.