Brittany Murphy

Full toxicology reports will not be available for weeks to confirm what lead to the heart attack that killed Brittany Murphy. Her husband, Simon Monjack, has discussed remedies the 32-year-old actress had been taking at home, but also stated that she did not take medication for a heart murmur. But it was also reported that there were multiple medications found in her home near her bed. There had also been whispers of erratic behavior and eating disorders that had followed Murphy for years.

We teamed up with Access Hollywood to ask readers what -- with all of the clashing information over the past few days -- they thought was the biggest factor in the death of the actress: eating disorder complications, overuse of prescription drugs, illegal drug use, a pre-existing heart condition or all of the above. After over 55,000 votes were cast, 41 percent believe it as a combination of all of those factors. Those voters who focused on one factor thought that an eating disorder played the biggest part in Murphy's death.

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