Once a budding superstar and MySpace mega-sensation, Dane Cook seemed poised to be the guy who could do it all: rock the comedy stage, action movies, nail some drama, and of course, make us laugh. We liked him way back when he was The Waffler in the underseen 'Mystery Men' and have followed his comedy ever since. He has earned many comedy comparisons, but still has an originality all his own that had Hollywood -- and us -- ready to embrace Hurricane Dane. Then somehow, someway, the Court Jester of Comedy derailed. We certainly don't take pleasure in it, because we love us some Dane Cook. We just want to see him get back on track and are here to help.

Just Say No
We know it must be tempting to say yes to everything that comes your way when you break through. It's called Ben Affleck Syndrome and it's understandable after years of struggling to 'make it'. Regardless, many of Dane Cook's starring vehicles have made us cringe -- 'Good Luck Chuck', 'My Best Friend's Girl', 'Employee of the Month' -- not necessarily because of him, but from the ridiculous scripts, directing, supporting casts, etc., etc., etc. We want Cook to start turning some of this garbage down, because there has to be better scripts out there for him. We hope that the aforementioned Crap-tilogy is out of his system and he is now being more particular in his choices.