Twilight New Moon fansWhen 'Twilight' first hit the silver screen, thousands of young women camped out on sidewalks all over the country the night before anxiously waiting to grab a coveted seat to watch the vampire flick. The film's second installment release was a grand slam as 'New Moon' claimed the number one spot with opening day sales reaching more than $72 million in the U.S.

The facts are indisputable that women are responsible for generating that enormous figure. Despite the rising popularity of Netflix and other online movie options, there is still an allure for groups of female friends to get together on a Friday night to watch the movies that move them. But the question that remains is if women have demonstrated that they will stand in line for hours with droves of their friends to watch films that they love over (and over again), why do most filmmakers create blockbusters that cater to a male audience instead? See what experts have to say about how female moviegoers may change the future of Hollywood blockbusters.