Ke$haUrban pop singer Ke$ha released her debut album 'Animal' this week to much ballyhoo. But the ingénue, who had a hit with the electro party anthem 'TiK ToK' and sang the chorus hook on Flo Rida's smash 'Right Round,' first brushed with fame several years ago when she and her family were featured on the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie reality TV vehicle, 'The Simple Life.'

"That was my mum's idea. She just decided to call [the show's producers] because she's attracted to interesting, different experiences," Ke$ha tells PopEater. "They chose us because we're the most eccentric family in all of Nashville."

For her part, Ke$ha is unimpressed with the program. "We were hanging out at their house a little bit," she says dismissively, recalling that the show included Hilton hooking up on a date. "It was with some guy. It's all for TV, whatever. I went out two nights later to a gay bar and saw him dancing around topless with another man. That's reality television for you."