With a media empire steadily growing under her piercing runway-ready gaze, Tyra Banks seemed poised to be the next big talk show diva -- after Oprah Winfrey, of course. The former supermodel, the force behind 'America's Next Top Model,' expanded her brand even more with 'The Tyra Banks Show', now in its fourth season.

But despite winning two Daytime Emmys for the sometimes-zany talker, whose topics centered mostly on women's issues and, uh, Tyra, the California-born media personality announced in late December that she's ending the program in spring 2010. With Oprah's coming vacancy, there were hopes Tyra would expand her show even more in an effort to fill the void left by her mentor.

"I think many turned to Tyra in hopes that she might fill the void that will ultimately be left by Oprah. But let's face the true fact here: There will never be another Oprah," says urban TV personality BJ Coleman, CEO of Coleman Entertainment. He appeared on Tyra's show in early 2008. "No matter how much success Tyra had on daytime television, she nor anyone else could fill Oprah's shoes."