Ke$ha isn't exactly subtle when it comes to what she likes: Partying, speaking her mind and doing whatever she wants. It's those ethos that have put her at the top of the singles chart -- and likely at the top of this week's Billboard chart, pegged to the success of her hit song 'Tik Tok' on her debut album 'Animal.' So how can a 22-year-old girl from Nashville go from writing a hit song for Miley Cyrus to being a top-selling star herself, all while touting a hard-partying, Diddy-esque lifestyle? "I can handle myself and I can handle my liquor. And I'm not an idiot. I don't do drugs and don't push the limits of partying to the point of dying or injury," Ke$ha tells PopEater. More on Ke$ha's image, how she might dethrone Susan Boyle and her alliance with Conan O'Brien after the jump!