Jonas BrothersEver since Nick Jonas announced he would record and tour without brothers Kevin and Joe, rumors have swirled that the Jonas Brothers have split. Despite denials, with Nick Jonas and the Administration on the road this winter with a tour preempting the Feb. 2 release of the band's debut, 'Who I Am,' the "are they, aren't they" whispers continue.

"No, there's no question of that," Jonas tells PopEater of the Brothers breaking up. "We wanted to be very clear with the fans that this was just a side project. We have a lot of projects coming up as brothers and on our own. They know I have a lot of dreams in my heart and a lot of music and I just want to pour it out," the 17-year-old says of the fans that have bought millions of the boy band's records. "They are so supportive and that so far they really enjoy the new music really means a lot to me."