When you risked your life in the 1960s, marching for civil rights that young folks now take for granted, you typically don't give up trying to reach them. One strategy is to write an insanely catchy ditty about self-respect called 'Pants on the Ground.' And what better way to reach people -- millions of people -- than to perform it on 'American Idol'?

That's exactly what General Larry Platt did. The 62-year-old Atlanta resident was the last "performer" on Wednesday night's 'Idol.' And the producers certainly saved the best for last.

Looking very much his age, Platt stood before the 'Idol' judges, including Grammy winner Mary J. Blige, decked out in jeans and shades. He spat out the lyrics in a syncopated rhythm, the edge softened by his slightly hoarse Southern accent: "Pants on the ground / Pants on the ground / Lookin' like a fool with ya pants on the ground." Platt is obviously from the old school of black performance, so he made sure to throw in a few shuffling moves. Though a bit stiff, homeboy managed to drop down into the splits. James Brown would be proud.