Admit it. You watched 'Dawson's Creek' back in the day. And you loved every moment Kerr Smith was on screen. You saw him in all three dimensions in 'My Bloody Valentine 3D'. And now you're going to see in in a brand new role: Dad. Sort of. 'Life Unexpected' is premiering tonight on the CW, and Smith plays radio host Ryan Thomas. He proposes to his commitment-shy girlfriend (Shiri Appleby) and co-host right before she is confronted with the daughter she gave up for adoption (Brittany Robertson) at eighteen. Timing kind of sucks, right?

We just spoke to Smith about the new show, playing the 'Sex Marry Kill' game, and how this role won't be relegated to the third wheel category. We also found out that he's a World of Warcraft player. Is it just me or does that just make him hotter?