Grammy-winning band Linkin Park is joining the ranks of celebrities on a mission to support relief efforts in Haiti; they've released a charity album thrown together with lightning speed. We spoke to Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda about Download to Donate, a compilation of unreleased songs from artists like Peter Gabriel, Alanis Morissette and the Dave Matthews Band. Shinoda tells PopEater exclusively, "I saw the images on the news, and I knew that Music for Relief had to do something. Our organization was started for the purpose of providing relief to people who had been hit by natural disaster. We started it after the tsunami in South Asia in 2005, and when we heard about the earthquake in Haiti, it was obvious to my band mates and me that we had a responsibility to do something."

Linkin Park - and their charity organization Music For Relief - channeled their energy into creating a widget with free, downloadable music. "We put it in yours hands to donate," Shinoda says. "You can donate a dollar, you can donate a thousand dollars, you can donate a hundred thousand dollars." Check out the widget below and the rest of our interview after the jump.