There was always something comforting about having a healthy and vibrant Dennis Hopper in the world. Our thoughts are with the 'Easy Rider' and 'Apocalypse Now' star as he struggles with prostate cancer but, yes, there was always that voice inside our head the morning after a late night out saying, "Yes, your head hurts right now, but if Dennis Hopper is still alive and healthy, really, what damage could you have possibly done to yourself in comparison?" And then we would feel peace with the world. We were shocked to learn that the health of Hopper -- whose hard living lifestyle was only overshadowed by his contribution to cinema; featured in more than 150 films and documentaries -- has deteriorated enough that some outlets are reporting him to be on his "death bed." Even more shocking, though, is the fact that he filed for a divorce from his wife of 14 years, Victoria Duffy-Hopper, while on said "death bed."

What's at stake that would cause this swift and seemingly random chain of events? This is Hollywood people -- it's money. Let's look at the cast of characters involved in this sad and tragic drama that's unfolding in front of our eyes.