Tila Tequila is pregnant! Or... is she? The mysteriously famous celebrity has claimed to be with child more times than we can count on our hands, with no baby to show for it. (And before you suggest that maybe Tequila suffered miscarriage(s), you need only consider how she tweeted every tear over Casey Johnson's death to realize you'd have heard a comprehensive record of the tragedy straight from the horse's mouth).

"Wait," you might say. "There's a sonogram. It must be true this time!" Must it? Tequila did provide an ultrasound image to prove her claims. If it were anyone else, that evidence would be enough. Don't fault us for being skeptical; let's take a look back at the history of Tila Tequila's false pregnancies and other fabricated scandals - maybe you'll understand why nothing short of an affidavit from the Lord himself would have us convinced.