Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne asks readers to forgive him at the start of his autobiography, 'I Am Ozzy.' The godfather of heavy metal admits his memory of his life story might not be perfect after all the booze, coke, acid, Quaaludes, glue, cough mixture 9and too many other heavy-duty substances to list) he has consumed over the past forty years.

Osbourne didnt actually write 'I Am Ozzy.' He dictated his memories and musings to journalist Chris Ayres who put them together into a comprehensible package that remains riddled with Osbournes signature profanities.

PopEater talked to Osbourne, 61, about his learning disability that prevented him from writing this book himself, the craziest thing he has ever done -- over a life-time of crazy things -- and why he thinks his family's reality television experiment almost destroyed them. "We invented a new effing form of television and everything is reality now. It went crazier than anyone expected it to."