The official cause of death for Brittany Murphy has not been released, though the coroner's office has indicated "it appears to be natural," meaning no foul play involved. But the late star's husband, Simon Monjack, has a specific culprit in mind: Warner Brothers. In a sprawling interview with The Daily Beast, Monjack reveals he is readying a wrongful-death lawsuit against the studio, claiming it caused her to have a heart attack by allegedly firing her from a sequel to 'Happy Feet,' just weeks before her death.

"They killed her," he claims of the studio, by crushing her chances at reviving a once-booming career. "She was devastated" by the move, which Monjack purports was made because of reports that Murphy had been a drunken mess on the Puerto Rico set of 'The Caller.' She was fired from that film and promptly replaced.