Michael BubleIn terms of pairings that make the ladies swoon, it doesn't get much better than 'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm and vocalist Michael Bublé. That's what 'Saturday Night Live' is offering up on this week's episode, but surprisingly, this isn't the first time Hamm and Bublé have been in the same room together.

"It turned out I'd hung out with him at the Tony Bennett 80th Birthday Celebration," Bublé tells PopEater. "At the time, I didn't know who he was. I'd been friends with his uncle, Gary Tobey -- he's one of the guys that heads Target -- and yesterday, when I went in, he said, 'Dude, we've met. We hung out at this Tony Bennett thing for Target.' So, I said, 'It's a small world.'"

For Bublé, this marks his first appearance on the famed skit show. Even with all of his accomplishments -- selling millions of records worldwide and earning numerous awards -- he still considers this a career highlight. "You always want to put that on your resume, to say that you got there," he says. "It's been really exciting to know that I was going to get to show up and be a part of the whole thing."