Despite a lengthy stint in the 90210, Tori Spelling has transitioned seamlessly from the role of pampered princess to professional potty-mouth. When she's not raising her children two children with hubby Dean McDermott, she's a busy author, clothing designer, and toilet-paper talker. The couple, whose domestic adventures are currently being captured by the Oxygen network on their hit show, 'Home Sweet Hollywood,' has recently teamed with Cottonelle for the Roll Poll, a survey that aims to answer the age-old question of "over or under?" So, in the words of Donna Martin, "What's left for me? Dye my hair? Get a boob job?" We'll reserve our judgment on those questions, but needless to say, this is one family that's on a roll.

In our interview, Tori and Dean also talk about plans to have more kids and how they strike a balance between family and "work, work, work."