British pop star Lily Allen is making headlines once again, but rather than hitting the top of the charts, she's hitting the ground, and hard. While performing at the Big Day Out Festival in Perth, Australia, the singer collapsed, much to the amusement of her handlers, who were photographed smiling and laughing while trying to escort Allen to her car.

While Allen's dishevelled appearance and collapse may have come as a result of performing in the 90-degree heat, many speculate that her problems stemmed from over-imbibing. The "Smile" singer, who performed at Big Day Out in 2007, is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying of that performance, "I was so drunk I can't even remember what it was about." Allen has also openly admitted to drug use in the past, saying, "I've taken drugs. I found them and find them fun and I don't think I'm a bad person because of it." This is not the singer's first public pass out - following the 2008 Glamour awards, Allen was photographed being carried to her car, and admitted in a subsequent interview to Googling herself to find out how she had made it home.