While we were shocked when Simon Cowell announced his 'American Idol' departure, we were not prepared for Howard Stern to throw his hat in the ring to be considered for Cowell's old gig. At first, we thought Stern might be joking about his 'Idol' interest, but after bringing it up on his show two days in a row, it's time to consider the pros and cons of a Stern/'Idol' pairing. Entertainment Weekly Senior Writer and resident 'Idol' expert Michael Slezak likens Stern on 'Idol' to combining chocolate with cheeseburgers. "They're two great tastes," Slezak tells PopEater. "But I don't necessarily know you'd want them together. They're very popular, but I think there's a reason McDonald's has never offered a chocolate-dipped cheeseburger. I think Howard Stern and 'American Idol' are pretty much a chocolate cheeseburger." Can America handle a chocolate, Stern/'Idol' cheeseburger? Vote after the jump.