It would be very easy to despise Heidi Klum. She's flawlessly beautiful and looks at least a decade younger than she really is (36, seriously). She's the brains behind 'Project Runway.' She has a happy marriage with Seal and just gave birth to her fourth child in October (she now says her family is "complete"). And she can now add fashion designer to her resume with the launch of Lavish and Loved maternity lines. But once you meet the Teutonic model, you can't do anything but adore her (and be in awe of her ease to totter around in five inch killer heels)!

Do you see yourself modeling these clothes with another bump of your own?
I think I could be modeling them without the bump. Probably not with a bump because as a family we're complete, but I think a lot of the pieces you can wear even if you're not pregnant.