It has been a week dominated by the buzz of Howard Stern potentially making the jump from satellite radio to Fox to replace Simon Cowell on 'American Idol.' Entertainment newscasts proclaim just how much money Stern could be offered ($100 million! More!), speculation of Stern coming to 'A.I.' cast a bizarre shadow over Ellen DeGeneres' debut on the show and Stern himself has spent hours upon hours on his Sirius/XM show laughing about the opportunity and having seven months off a year to count his 'A.I.' money.

The topic has divided our readers. We asked you on Wednesday whether you approved of the potential move. 80,000 people voted and 68 percent said "thumbs down" to Stern in place of Cowell. Our Facebook fans battled back and forth: Some would never watch the show again! Some would start watching only if Stern joined. Our own Girls on Pop editors questioned the move, saying that Stern does not bring enough musical experience to the show (they also state Ellen doesn't have any either). Many of our readers in their comments have stated that Stern would bring nothing but a potty mouth and stripper skits to a popular and family-friendly franchise.

As a devoted listener of Stern's for 16 years, it's time to speak up. The hiring of Stern to replace Cowell is a game-changing, series-saving move and there is no one on the planet more qualified to take Simon's seat. Making the case after the jump >>>