It's Tina Fey's world and we only live in it. In a previous PopEater article, we compared the post-'Saturday Night Live' trajectories of previous stars of the show, and Fey was, for anyone who doesn't live in a cave, super-hot. She came off a career-best year in 2008: The game-changing Sarah Palin impressions on 'SNL' and writing and acting on her creation, the Emmy Award-winning '30 Rock.'

However, as anyone who follows the pop cultural firmament knows, there is one abiding rule: What goes up must come down. But Fey has defied that fundamental law of entertainment physics. '30 Rock' is still a TV juggernaut. 'Date Night' with Steve Carell is coming out in April. And perhaps most tellingly, she has the endorsement of 'Vogue' editor Anna Wintour, not known for giving out praise lightly. In the March edition of the magazine, Wintour glows about Fey in her editor's letter: "There is nothing ordinary about her brilliance, her perceptiveness, or her beauty."

In a penetrating article about her rise from Chicago 'Second City' improviser to the first female head writer in 'SNL' history, movie star and cultural icon, Vogue reveals some insights into the relentless ascent of Tina Fey.