If the John Edwards' affair scandal isn't a ready-made television movie, then we just don't know what is. Politics, sex tapes, bribery, a love child denied! All the key elements are there. A suave Southern Senator (with unflappable hair) and his loving wife (who also happens to have cancer) decide to take the big leap into national politics and run for president. On the campaign trail, he is seduced by a former party girl turned documentarian and New Age spiritual guru. Despite his devotion to his family, love can't be denied. But as these things always go, no one paid attention in high school sex-ed and the girlfriend gets pregnant. The politician goes for the cover-up, forcing an aide to say the baby is his. The wife stands by her man. The mistress is indignant.

More than a year later, a tell-all book from the scapegoated aide arrives, then comes a confession by the politician and a separation instigated by the poor wife. And now, according to some reports, there just might be a possible wedding between the politician and the mistress (weddings play so well on the big screen.)

This script wrote itself (seriously, Lifetime, let's get this thing greenlit). Now the only question is who to cast for the parts of John Edwards, his shamed wife Elizabeth, the baby mama Rielle Hunter and the aide who spilled all, Andrew Young?