Alexis Bledel has a lot on her plate, but 'Gilmore Girl' fans will be happy to hear that she won't rule out a movie adaptation. She chatted with PopEater about that possibility, and how the show kept her out of trouble while the rest of young-and-beautiful Hollywood was out in the clubs.

She also talked about her new movie 'The Good Guy' (out Friday), the occasional 'Sisterhood' reunion and what it was like working with one of Hollywood's most handsome men, Robert Redford.

Would you bring back Rory and do a 'Gilmore Girls' movie?

I don't know. I was really happy with the way they wrapped up the series in the finale and I thought they brought the story full circle. It was very satisfying for me. I don't know what the story would be, but I would be curious to find out what it would be.