You may expect Johnny Depp to be busy promoting his foray into 'Wonderland,' but the A-list actor has a bigger cause to champion: justice. Depp will appear on CBS's '48 Hours Mystery' on Saturday to advocate the release of the "West Memphis Three," young men convicted in 1994 of murdering three boys during a satanic ritual.

Depp is not alone in his belief that the men were convicted on flimsy or fabricated evidence. He joins stars like Eddie Vedder, Winona Ryder, the Dixie Chicks and Disney teen star Demi Lovato in insisting the men were actually found guilty for their fascination with heavy-metal music, Stephen King and the occult.

"I firmly believe Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley are totally innocent. It was a need for swift justice to placate the community," Depp says on Saturday's show. "Damien Echols is on death row to be killed by lethal injection."