Forget about who will win the final rose, Monday's 'Women Tell All' special episode of 'The Bachelor' offered more drama than one could hope to find in the primetime guilty pleasure.

Rozlyn Papa, the contestant who was dismissed at the beginning of the season over allegations of an inappropriate physical relationship with a producer, returned to the reality show with her claws at the ready. She fought back against the relationship allegations, even throwing some accusations of her own out there.

Still adamant that she and producer Ryan Callahan were "just friends" despite the other women's claims that they spotted the two cuddling and even making out, Papa laid down her gauntlet with the bold statement: "On my child's life, that never happened."

Papa revealed that her "friend" Callahan had brought his father with him on a visit to her hometown after he was fired, but insisted it was platonic. Host Chris Harrison, lending a voice to the skeptical crowd and angry contestants, mocked Papa's version of the story.