Think Snooki getting punched in the face was outrageous? Wait until you see what the denizens of New York's 'High Society' do to each other! One asks his mom for $50,000 for an apartment, calls her Mussolini for hesitating and spends the money on a private party. Another (Jules) states that she has no black, Jewish or overweight people in her circle of friends. Drinks are thrown in faces, and back stabbing abounds. And that's just in the pilot.

Amid the chaos, socialite Tinsley Mortimer emerges as the voice of reason. PopEater recently had an opportunity to chat with Mortimer, who spilled the juicy details on the the cutthroat nature of the world she lives in, going through a divorce on camera (with a mother who is trying to get her back with her ex) and her love of a certain television show you may have heard of. 'High Society' showcases a very different group of people, but it may very well be the next 'Jersey Shore.' Check out our exclusive interview after the jump.