NBC was clearly banking on a big success with their new reality/game show 'The Marriage Ref.' With executive producer Jerry Seinfeld, an aggressive ad campaign and the strongest possible lead-in -- the 2010 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony -- how could 'The Marriage Ref' fail?

In a sense, it didn't. The half-hour preview of 'Ref' scored 14.5 million viewers and held nearly 74% of its lead-in audience, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In comparison, a successful season of 'The Office' -- also on NBC -- snags about 8.8 million viewers per episode. While NBC might have reached its ratings goal, critical response to the premiere was harsh, to say the least. "If this is NBC's idea of how to win viewers back at 10 p.m., heaven help the poor affiliates ... that have to try and find an audience for their late newscasts on the heels of it," wrote the Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik.

We can't say we disagree. We've narrowed down the reasons we think 'The Marriage Ref' is headed for divorce -- check out the top five after the jump.