Pop-Ed: All season long, the women of 'The Bachelor' -- not to mention the tabloids -- pegged Vienna as the villain of the house (well ... after Rozlyn left, anyway) and certainly the last person with whom Jake should spend the rest of his life with. And for a while, we were anti-Vienna as well, given that the obvious warning signs were there (her previous quickie marriage; her blunt, tell-it-like-it-is attitude).

But just as Jake's family did in last night's finale, we finally developed a soft spot for the 23-year-old marketing rep from Geneva, Florida -- so much, in fact, that we think Jake ultimately made the right call in picking Vienna ... and here's why:

-- He genuinely appears to be in love with her
If anything was made clear last night, it was that Jake has an obvious connection with Vienna. It may be a bit on the physical side, what with the mud fighting and all, but it's a connection nonetheless. The same, of course, couldn't be said of Jake and runner-up Tenley. While Tenley seemed like the perfect bride on paper (she's cute, she's smart and had a flawless meet-and-greet with the family), the spark just wasn't there, not even after an impromptu jump in the pool -- although maybe the fact that Jake's family also jumped into the pool had something to do with it. If it wasn't there at the finale, then it was never going to be there. Besides, at the end of the day, we can't really blame Jake, because ...