Who: J Brazil
Album: TBA
Video: 'Girl I'm Tryin'
Hails From: New York, NY
For Fans Of: Sean Paul and Matisyahu

Why He's About to Pop: J Brazil was raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish home where his father, a world-renowned Jewish composer, exposed the tenacious child to music at a young age. He learned to sing with his family and soon picked up the drums and piano on his own, penning his first song when he was 6. Eight years later, the death of J Brazil's mother caused him to run away from home and live on the streets. Life proved to be difficult, but the experience exposed him to genres of music, such as hip-hop, reggae and rock, which would eventually find their way into his signature sound.

J Brazil lived a nomadic, homeless life, using any cash he had to record music and fuel his career. At age 21, the New York native released his first album, but record labels weren't biting. Then, in 2009, J Brazil teamed up with producer Eric Sanicola and wrote 'Girl I'm Tryin,' the hit song that ultimately landed him a recording contract with Ultra Records.

Marrying his Middle Eastern and Hasidic musical influences with the sounds he soaked up on the streets, J Brazil has put a new twist on Cindy Lauper's classic pop song, 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.' The melody is kept in tact, but J Brazil alters the lyrics to come from the perspective of a non-committal guy, looking to have a good time. As 'Girl I'm Tryin' rises up the Billboard Dance chart and continues to get Top 40 radio play, J Brazil keeps his past close and his success in check. "Even at my darkest hours, I dreamt that this day would come," he says. "Music is what kept me alive. I owe it to [my mother] and myself to follow my dreams. So, I created my dream come true."