Farrah FawcettEvery year, there are a few names who always wind up being left out of the Oscars tribute to the stars who died in the previous year. This year, the PopEater team was shocked that Farrah Fawcett, one of the year's biggest celebrity losses, did not make the cut.

Surely, the actress is known mostly for her TV work on 'Charlie's Angels' and the TV movie classic 'The Burning Bed.' But Oscar shouldn't have overlooked that Fawcett starred in films ranging from the sci-fi thriller 'Saturn 3' to the '80s road-rally hit 'The Cannonball Run' to the drama 'Extremities' to Robert Altman's 'Dr. T and the Women' to 'The Apostle.'

Did you notice any other stars that didn't make the cut in this year's tribute? Remember, John Hughes was not nominated in the film montage, but he had been singled out in a separate tribute earlier in the evening. See Clips of John Hughes Tribute >>>