Lara SpencerHere at PopEater, we thought the actual Oscars show was ho-hum. But our pals -- 'Insider' star Lara Spencer and Kathy Griffin -- got back from their night out to tell us that the fun really happened before and after the ceremony.

Kathy first spots Posh Spice at the Elton John party and the night only gets wilder from there as Olympians and Billboard chart toppers join the mix. Just watch to see who she partied it up with.

Lara gets some red carpet confessions from Gerard Butler on some of his wardrobe shortcuts and grabs some private time with Ryan Reynolds while Scarlett Johansson is 3000 miles away. That, plus Mo'Nique talks to Lara about her good luck charm just hours before collecting her statue for Best Supporting Actress. The biggest question of the night: Who sets Lara straight about George Clooney's new hairstyle? Watch Below: