I'm not going to lie -- I haven't paid attention to Corey Haim for years. I was only vaguely aware of his drug troubles and related health problems, and I didn't watch 'The Two Coreys.' I was amused to see his Variety ad last year -- the one where he said he was ready to work again -- the way you feel when an ex you remember fondly does something stupid but sweet. And that's why his sudden death was such a punch to the gut; no matter how long Corey's been off my radar, he was my first love.

It's not like I knew him personally. My first real love, a few years later, was a nice boy from the next high school over -- a boy with floppy hair who, if I'm being honest with myself, strongly resembled 'License to Drive'-era Corey. But every generation has the stars that little girls harbor secret fantasies of marrying, and while today's kids are planning weddings with Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas, I was walking down the aisle with Corey Haim.