Elinor Burkett, the woman who has been dubbed "Lady Kanye" for her interruption of Roger Ross Williams during his Oscar acceptance speech, gave us the most unscripted moment of the award show last Sunday night. She's gotten a lot of negative attention, but Burkett went on 'The Joy Behar Show' to defend her Oscar ambush and explain what exactly was going through her head when she stormed the stage.

"I had two choices right? Either I could let him blather on for 45 seconds... Or I could interrupt so I get to talk," she said. "Everybody thinks I was bad for interrupting him, they don't think he was bad for, like, bigfooting me to prevent me from speaking at all."

She also suggested another way of looking at it. "Maybe I'm just like a middle-aged crazy person," she joked. Watch the interview after the jump!